Culshaw Bell Bespoke Kitchens

Culshaw Bell formed 21 years ago creating art infused kitchen furniture all handmade in our workshops in Lancashire You are welcome to meet us at our design studio and view a selection of the truly bespoke kitchens, handmade kitchenettes and bespoke kitchen furniture that we have to offer. All our kitchens are designed and handmade purely on a commission basis. To ensure quality and continuity, Culshaw Bell personally design and project manage all of their bespoke projects.

Art Infused Kitchens
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Culshaw Bell Kitchenettes

Our free standing kitchenettes are stylish and compact fully functional kitchens. They are an inspiring solution for multi functional spaces such as studios, offices and granny flats. We have 3 designs to choose from.

The 'Hive Haus' Kitchenette

A retro kitchenette designed specifically for Hive Haus, a modular multi functional living space. As seen on C4 ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’ 2013 and on display at Grand Designs 2014.

The 'Fearnley Petite' Kitchenette

A working kitchen hidden inside a beautifully handmade piece of furniture. The smallest of the 3 kitchenettes and perfect for compact living.

The 'Fearnley Grand' Kitchenette

The size of the ‘Hive Haus’ kitchenette but in the style of the ‘Fearnley Petite’ kitchenette. Our best seller, being handmade and sold worldwide.

Art Infused Kitchenettes